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Types of Allergies
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List of Allergies

• Dirt Allergy(dust mites); Asthma
• Skin Allergy
• Nose and Eye allergy
• Medicinal Allergy
• Cold and Flu
• Hay Fever/Yellow Fever;
• Viral Infections
• Animal Dander’s`; Bird Allergy; (feather dust)
•`Allergy` from ‘Food’; Gluten; Egg allergy; Milk allergy; Nut allergy;
•`Allergy from snake/Bee(Wasps) venoms`;
•`Insect Allergy`
•`Infant Allergy`;
• Latex allergy; etc.

`Dirt Allergy` :

`Asthma`: Asthma is the major cause of Dirt Allergy. It’s the profound allergy that is caused by hosts of reasons such as: Dirt at – Amusing Parks/exhibitions/Fair Grounds/Public places/Departmental stores (Shopping Malls)/Home Dust, etc. The Asthma symptoms could be normal but it is acute enough to lead to a loss of lung function, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and even death, it is important for people to realize when their asthma is not controlled. Asthma attacks could be controlled by different `Inhalers` availability after estimating the inhaling capacity of a person in a day.

`Skin` Allergy : It’s one of the most debilitating disease known to human kind or experienced by the patients suffering from side effects of the `Skin cancer` problem arising due to specific allergies of the skin. Red pigment marks on the face and arms, pimples, scratching, itching, tingling, etc. From hives to swelling, and eczema to drug and medication rashes, skin allergies are explained in various other categories as well. `Dermatologists` all over the world are researching over the clues of other deadly causes of Skin allergies and their dreadful impact over the whole body. `Reaction` is the ultimate cause for ‘Skin Allergy`.

`Nose and Eye Allergy` : This type of allergy defines the Viral Infection to nose and eye segments of the body organs as ‘Fungal Infections` are the real cause of such disorders to nasal areas . Seasonal allergies are such allergies to understand the difference of infections (Hay Fever) occurs in response to various plant pollens in the air. `Perfume and Chain Smoking` causes one to sniff – a symptom of nasal infection and having `Conjunctivitis` is the infection of the eye that happens mainly in ‘rainy season’. Smelling and tasting is directly affected by infections trouble. One suffers from a `Running Nose` for a longer span of time!

`Medicinal Allergy` : `Reactions` to medicine are extremely common as various ingredients utilize to make a specific medicine consists of it’s antibiotic extremity to get rid of the specific problem but one cannot apart the side effects occurring due to it’s consumption process. In fact, 15-30% of all hospitalized patients will experience an unintended reaction as a result of medications. However, true allergic reactions to medications only occur in about 1 of 10 of all adverse drug reactions. There’re two ways: Medicinal (overdose) and unexpected side effect, medication intolerance, allergic reactions and other non-allergic immunologic reactions out of it. `General Anesthesia` to patients is one of such cause of ‘Medicine Allergy’!

`Animal & Pet Allergy` : They concern the `Physical reactions` such as: - Runny nose, watery eyes, Coughing; hives or skin rash, and difficulty breathing and Asthma symptoms as well. ‘Dog and cat’ allergies are the most common animal allergies treated and discussed. People may be allergic to all types of animals, including other types of pets (e.g., rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, birds) and non-household animals (e.g., horses, cows, pigs, and moles). In addition, people may react to urine and droppings from animals, including birds, rodents and insects, as well as insect bites and stings. This list includes feather pillows and some upholstery (though allergies associated with these are far more likely to be triggered by dust mites).

`Dander` consists of small scales or flakes of dead skin cells that are continually shed by all animals. Light and sticky, dander is easily transported by air currents and often becomes attached to objects or people. In the household, dander is a common element of house dust, particularly in homes where cats or dogs are present.

`Food Allergy` : `Food Allergy` is accomplished by allergic food tolerances such as: lactose intolerance and reactions to preservatives, food colorings and sulfites, etc. `Sulfites` is an chemical solution to the worms or parasites in tangled with food preservatives of different nature and destroys the originality with sophisticated smell or odor emitting out of the food making it extremely food poisonous to consume. This process in turn may become the cause of allergy to humans’. It’s commonly found in children adaptability to infectious allergy of the stomach (abdomen). These types of reactions have occurred as a result of seafood-allergic people inhaling odors from cooking fish and shellfish. Less common foods, that when cooked release odors that have caused allergic reactions include potatoes, eggs, milk and hot dogs. In addition, reports of allergic reactions to packages of peanuts being opened on airplanes has been reported – which has led to a debate on the safety of peanuts being served on airplanes.

`What is the Latex-Food Syndrome`?

Cross-reactivity between latex and various foods result from the presence of similar proteins in natural rubber latex and certain foods. Reactions to various foods can occur in people with latex allergy due to reaction of `Fruit juice`! 

The following foods have been known to cross-react with latex they are as follows:
Avocado; banana; Chestnut; Potato; Tomato; Kiwi; Pineapple; Papaya; Eggplant; Melon; Passion Fruit; Mango; Wheat; Cherimoya; etc.

`Infants Allergy` : Allergic disease in children requires special attention. The first sign of allergic symptoms could be traced out as techniques to prevent or delay the development of allergies in children. `Food allergies` are common in children. `Asthma` is also traced out in infants of two to six months of age. Children spend are large amount of their time at school. This time includes a meal, outdoor exercise and playtime, as well as many hours inside the classroom. There is a good chance that a child’s allergies or asthma will get worse at school, and it is recommended that each child has a plan to deal with those symptoms. Allergies occur with different symptoms at different ages.

`Insect Allergy` : Many people have been bitten or stung by insects, with some experiencing uncomfortable reactions as a result. Fear of a future reaction with repeat stings or bites can significantly reduce a person's quality of life. Discussion of allergic and non-allergic reactions to sting and bites of insects have undergone many-a-times.

`Insect Venom Allergy` : `When someone has whole-body (systemic, or anaphylaxis) allergic reactions to insect stings, they may experience any or all of the following symptoms, usually within a matter of minutes to a few hours: Mosquito Allergy; Fire Ant Allergy;

• itching all over,
• hives or swelling that spreads from the site of the sting,
• flushing,
• runny nose, sneezing or post-nasal drip,
• itchy/watery eyes,
• swelling of the lips, tongue or throat,
• shortness of breath, wheezing or coughing,
• stomach cramping, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea,
• lightheadedness, fast heart rate, low blood pressure or passing out,
• Sense of panic or metallic taste in the mouth.
(Allergic reactions to flying stinging insects (honeybees, hornets, wasps and yellow jackets); etc.)

`Symptoms` : Allergy symptoms vary, but may include:
• Breathing problems
• Burning, tearing, or itchy eyes(Bloodshot eyes);
• Conjunctivitis (red, swollen eyes);
• Coughing(symptoms of `Asthma`);
• Diarrhea;
• Headache(Dizziness or light-headedness);
• Hives;
• Itching of the nose, mouth, throat, skin, or any other area;
• Runny nose;
• Skin rashes; (Dermatitis);
• Stomach cramps(due to poisonous Venom or Bee Stings);
• Vomiting;
• Wheezing;
• Contaminated Food (Unhygienic circumstances); Food Poisoning;
• Drowsiness;
• Swelling of the face (of tissues such as lips or joints);
• Difficulty Swallowing;
• Fear or feeling of apprehension or anxiety;
• Chest discomfort or tightness
• Unconsciousness;
• Muscle spasms;
• Oversensitivity;
• House Dust Mites;
• Low Blood Pressure;
• Frequent convulsions;
• hoarseness, change of voice;
• Frequent urination; cramping of the uterus;
• a feeling of warmth and flushing;
• Sweating;
• Confusion, etc.

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